Investing in Hua Hin, a relaxing and attractive seaside resort


200 km south of Bangkok, on the Gulf of Thailand shoreline, stands Hua Hin, a seaside peaceful and authentic resort, still preserved from mass tourism although very sought-after by the locals, who were able to fully recognize the potential of this former fishermen village. Home to the summer quarters of the Royal Family, it is also the top destination for families residing in Bangkok and looking for relaxing weekends.

Jewel of the Gulf, Hua Hin offers its visitors more than 15 kilometers of sandy beaches and a wide variety of leisure and entertainment facilities. Nautical and water activities are widespread: kitesurfing, jet skiing, boating or horse backing along the beach and recently, two modern water parks.

Hua Hin is also a nice destination for hiking/cycling adepts and nature lovers. Kui Buri, Sam Roi Yot and Kaeng Krachan are all exceptionally beautiful and yet little highlighted by the tourism authorities.

Can we play golf in Hua Hin? Yes of course, Hua Hin is clearly an international destination for golf players, comprising of a dozen golf courses including the world-renowned and famous "Black Mountain, “Palm Hills” and “Springfield” ones.

Shopping tourists will also have much choice, whether it is in local shops and markets or in real malls offering international brands. Amongst the most popular malls are the Market Village, the Hua Hin Shopping Mall, the Venezia and the awaited Bluport, which will have nothing to envy to the largest shopping centers in the capital.

Hua Hin also knows how to open the doors of Thai culture to its visitors with its spas, massage, yoga and well-being centers, Thai cuisine and the typical atmosphere of its day and night markets.

When considering expatriation, choosing Hua Hin is one of the best options. If many expatriates opt for Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, Hua Hin gives a more authentic and restful image of Thailand and has a very pleasant microclimate. Its average temperature fluctuates between 25 and 35 ° C throughout the year, with an exceptional dry period from November to April.

Recent development projects make Hua Hin a city focused on the future. With the construction of a 4-lane arterial road connecting the motorway and a high-speed Bangkok-Hua Hin railway route (only one hour), it will be more and more convenient to access Hua Hin.

After the opening in 2010 of the “Bangkok Hospital”, Hua Hin’s primary healthcare  rose to the highest level of performance in the country. Currently, all medical specialties are handled in one of three establishments in the city, which enjoy the best facilities.

The presence of the Royal Family, part of the year, involves very important surveillance, vigilance and protection measures, making the city one of the safest in the kingdom.

Furthermore, due to the growing presence of European citizens, many international restaurants and shops have now opened in Hua Hin (butcher shops, bakeries, grocery stores, and restaurants), making the integration and adaptation of most foreign newcomers easier.

The attractiveness of the region has had a positive effect on the number of investors and the latest real estate programs offer a level of comfort and virtually unmatched service in Thailand in their quality / price ratio. Indeed, real estate in Hua Hin remains very affordable, far more than in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket.


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