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Buy a house or a villa in Thailand


A dream destination, Thailand is the right place for you if you are looking for an exotic place. Koh Samui, Phuket and Hua Hin are amongst the tourist spots you should visit and consider when investing in property. Purchasing a house in Thailand can prove a long and tiring process if you are not assisted by the right persons. 

Appoint Fivestars as your agent, and we will help you to find a villa or a house in Thailand. 

Property location in Bangkok


Property location in Hua Hin

Hua Hin

Property location in Koh Samui

Koh Samui

Property location in Pattaya


Property location in Phuket


Property location in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan


Location Yen Arkard

5 5

550,000 THB/Month

78,000,000 THB

Luxury Modern House for sale on Sathorn-Yenakart

Trust Fivestars to Buy Your House in Thailand

Buying a house in Thailand is an important investment not to be taken lightly. You should know certain tips and tricks before starting your property search in order to make the right choice and not have any regrets. You can also contact Fivestars to help you with the purchase of a house/villa in Thailand.

Property Specialist in Thailand

Based in Bangkok since 2005, Fivestars is a Thai real estate agency specializing in finding property for expatriates in Thailand. For your Thailand villa purchase, our agency will help you by narrowing down a selection of houses for sale in Thailand classified by neighborhood. Our agency consists of many agents, each a specialist of a given neighborhood or region. To the delight of our customers, each house for sale in Thailand displayed on our website meets high criteria of quality and comfort. We can offer accommodation in all Thailand destinations and at all prices according to your budget. Some of our properties feature gardens and swimming pools, while others are located near the beach.

Receive Our Property Support

Fivestars assists its customers in the purchase of a property from the start of the search until the final negotiation with the owner of the property. In order to ensure optimal preparation, you can contact our team as early as two months before moving in. Our agency will send you a selection of villas and houses for sale in Thailand. Please note that in Thailand, both the buyer and the tenant will not have to pay any fees when using the services of a real estate agency. The accommodation offers in the country are very varied and are available at all prices.

Site Visits and Moving in After Your Property Purchase in Thailand

FiveStars customers will be able to inspect our properties for sale as soon as they arrive in Thailand. Our Fivestars agents will provide vehicles and tour the customers. Once the site inspections have been done, our customers will be able to choose the accommodation of their liking. Moving in can be done quickly for houses for rent, but takes a longer time when buying a villa in Thailand.

Why Buy a House in Thailand?

Recently, Thailand’s property market has been in the limelight in the whole world. It has made a place for itself in particular thanks to its economic dynamism, tourist infrastructures, and attractive weather conditions. But the current fiscal policy has also been a decisive factor when it comes time for our customers to decide where to invest. The acquisition of a villa in Thailand has also become a real alternative due to the fact that property taxes are substantially lower here than in Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions on Buying and Selling Villas in Thailand

What are the legalities involved in buying and selling villas in Thailand?

The legal process can be intricate. Foreigners cannot outright own land, but they can own buildings and lease land for 30 years, renewable. It is recommended to have a proficient real estate agency like Fivestars Properties to navigate through.

How does Fivestars Properties facilitate these legal requirements?

We assist by coordinating with legal experts, ensuring all documents are in order, and providing comprehensive advice throughout the process. We prioritize your interests, ensuring a smooth transaction.

What factors should influence my decision to buy a villa in Thailand?

Consider the location, infrastructure, proximity to amenities, and market conditions. Fivestars Properties offers a vast portfolio of premium villas catering to diverse preferences and budgets. Explore more on our apartments and condos for sale and commercial properties for sale in Thailand.